Web Designing Internship in Kota Rajasthan

Website Designing Coaching In Kota

Internship in Web Designing (45 Days)

Kindly Contact 9251613909 Regarding any Query of Internship between 11 AM to 7:00 PM

In this Program, you’ll learn how to design and build beautiful web sites through getting to know the primary principles of design like branding, coloration theory, and typography which might be all instrumental in the layout manner of a internet site. PrestaShop Themes You’ll also learn HTML and CSS, which can be the commonplace code languages that each one contemporary web sites are constructed on. These are useful abilities to collect as they’re wanted by almost every single enterprise in the global to communicate to clients. By the cease of this tune, you’ll have all of the competencies required to design and construct your personal web sites or even begin a career with one of the heaps of businesses that have a internet site.


  • About HTML4 and HTML5
  • Tags, Attributes and Entities
  • Basic structure and execution of HTML
  • Creating web page layouts using table and div
  • Embedding video and audio
  • Framsets and Iframes
  • CSS

  • Introduction of CSS
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS declarations and Selectors
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS


  • About Javascript
  • Control Statements
  • Js popup boxes alert, confirm and prompt
  • Form validations
  • External Javascript

  • jquery library functions
  • jquery slider plugins
  • About admin

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